TECHNOLOGY NATIONResults and achievements of the largest social IT-educational project in Ukraine

What is Technology Nation?

It is a pan-Ukrainian project, which allows everyone to get world-class computer education and learn the basics of the most popular programming languages for free.

What’s the main goal of the project?

To give an opportunity to make a first step in IT-sector – the industry that is one of a few that continue growing despite the uneasy times in Ukraine.

For whom this project is?

All-Ukrainian project, which allows for all those who want to receive free world-class computer education and learn the basics of the most popular programming languages.

Technology Nation Learning Hubs

The BrainBasket Foundation has engaged activists, IT specialists and eager people who helped to bring the project to life. It made possible for the 3,000 people to learn the basics of programming for free and to change their lives for the better.

"I switched from psychology to IT. These are different things, but I managed to switch. And I think you will manage it too!"

Oleksander Ordynskyi

project graduate, coordinator.

"I am pleased to participate in a project that has an impact on Ukraine's innovative future"

Valentyna Sakhno

Technology Nation Regional coordinator of the Eastern Region.

"The project was very useful for me, because it gave the opportunity to work with other project participants as one team"

Vladyslav Tsvek

a Technology Nation graduate in Kharkiv.

Success stories of Technology Nation graduates

Results Technology Nation in video

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BrainBasket Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that stands for development of IT education. BrainBasket aims to make IT-industry driving force of economic growth in Ukraine by improving the educational infrastructure.

The page was developed by the IT Moms graduates of the Technology Nation project.

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