Why is the programmer is a promising profession?

pexels-photo-210286There is an opinion: “If there is in the world any profession, whose members are generally not worrying about their future, it is the programmers.” Why is it so? Experts of the International HR portal HeadHunter Ukraine (hh.ua) are offering to reflect on this topic in new material.

1. Automation of production and office work

There are three types of people. The first sure soon artificial intelligence will take their jobs and relieve earnings, others did not wait when the neural network will finally perform for them all routine work, to devote their lives of more than interesting occupation. Still, others understand that the replacement of human labor by machine is an inevitable process, but if it is someone will be left without a job it is exact are not them, people who are programmers.

About the last are so afraid the clerks because everything goes to the fact that soon the whole departments in corporations will be able to replace the programmer who will maintain the neural network that is capable of self-learning and self-improvement.

2. The dominance of the gadgets require an increasing number of programmers in the future their number will only grow

Smartphones, tablets, augmented reality glasses, hydro scooter, drones, unmanned vehicles, fitness bracelets, smart watches – all this requires a huge army of programmers who daily create new applications to simplify the various processes of everyday life. Similar technology has already spawned whole layers of new professions among programmers, architects like virtual reality or systems developers with handling big data.

Moreover, after a few years, bases of programming knowledge will be an integral part of any educated person, whether he is a manager or a lawyer, or an agronomist.

3. Today, in many countries, programming is taught from childhood

Today even pre-school children program, for which there is a specially designed learning language. On sale, there is a lot of robotic toys, which functioning on children’s programming languages. Children can get into projects that their middle-aged parents as a child never dreamed of. They hardly could send in stratospheric balloon flight to measure the air temperature at a height of several tens of kilometers with the help of micro: bit computers.

4. Computers cost now as dinner in the restaurant

Functionality of unit is entirely in the power of imagination of the programmer. With it you can design a breakthrough robot as well as quite cheap metal construction, however, will bring millions of views on YouTube. All this indicates a significant change – if more recent invention of gadgets was the work of only graduate engineers from major corporations, it is now the inventors of new technologies can be a genius of the garages.

5. The programmer can work in any corner of the world without leaving home

Programmers before the others realized that the work in the office is not necessary. You can be effective when working remotely. That is why so many among programmers are freelancers.

Indeed, what is the point programmer to sit in the office, if the code is still no one understands except himself? No, of course, if the office is designed as a creative space with complimentary cakes and coffee, then going there – it’s even a pleasure. However, such facilities are generally able to offer only the large international IT-companies.

Programmer with knowledge of the English language can easily work with foreign clients, as a programming language is a universal for all. This implies a fairly attractive moment for our experts – payment in foreign currency. All this is no secret, and the influx of neophytes in the profession does not stop. However, demand is growing even faster.

6. For getting an education is not necessarily learn in universities

The universities teach the theory but employers need practice. Even experienced engineers who take jobs in reputable international companies, pass six-week courses, much of which is devoted to programming.

But how people come into the profession then? Some learn on their own, and many complete the courses, which, in most cases, it is enough to find the first job in this area. Education can be even passed remotely and after graduation, you are ready to go to an internship, which will help to consolidate all the skills and enter the labor market as a real specialist.


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