What IT is?

What is Information Technology? People who are not related to IT would most likely say that it is something difficult and complex. But is it really so?

For aborigines who can’t read and write even the simplest sentence is daunting, but when you speak the language – you can easily bring even the most complex ideas to simple and clear words. The same way programming languages​​ work. After all, you do not need to be a genius to learn to read and write!

In other words, information technology is everything that has to do with processing, storage and transmission of data. And it is present in all spheres of our life: address book in your phone is a database, favorite news website is a bunch of code, board computer of your car is a purely IT-system. Whether we like it or not, IT has become an integral part of modern life and will occupy a significant place in the society of the future.

IT industry develops rapidly for the last 10 years and Ukraine has a lot of IT-achievements to be proud of.


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