“To succeed you need a desire to learn and a understanding of what you want”

In December 2015 BrainBasket Foundation has launched the pilot groups of Technology Nation project. Members of these groups have finished the education and have had the opportunity to use their knowledge in practice. We’ve already published an interview with Svitlana, a graduate of one of the pilot groups of the project. Today we talked with other graduate from group, who had been working in the banking sector and try business analyst profession – Iulia.

– What motivated you to go on the course «Technology Nation» on the basics of programming?

– The desire to change the scope of activities. At the last job we worked closely with the IT department, I realized that I wanted to try myself in this area.

– What education do you have?

– Economic. Graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

– What did you do before you became a business analyst?

– I have 12 years of banking experience in various positions.

– And now, where do you work?

I work in IT company in the administrative support of the project. At this stage, I am satisfied with the changes in my professional activities, of course, it has its own nuances, like in any job, but overall impression is positive, I’m interested and want to develop further in the same direction.

– What was the most interesting in the Technology Nation program?

– The course itself is very interesting. I recommend everyone who would like to try their hand at programming, but have not yet determined whether it is really needed for him or her. Of course, after this course, you are not going to be a serious programmer, but you can see in which direction you can move on. So there passes an excursion to different programming languages.

The courses requires a lot of time, a lot of resources. A person who works, who has a family, is unlikely to be able to work out a course qualitatively enough. It is not only watching the video course two hours per week. Many materials need to be handled by yourself. What was missing? Perhaps, though the theoretical part, the answers to some basic questions, without answers to which the picture is not lined up.

Our classes were held in the main case. The videos we’ve treated by ourselves at home. It was homework. And our mentor Mykola Kozin has worked with us through the incomprehensible moments. In practice, it turned that way, that it came rarely enough to do the assignments at home, I have time to watch lectures and “familiarization” with the materials on the topic. In any case, the course was useful for me and for my colleagues. There’s just a fact, that people do not always count their time and their strength, not always realize the scale and scope of the effort that must be applied.

If we talk in general about the difficulties of the course, its beginning was more difficult than a sequel. It all started with learning the language C. As we have been explained, it is a good basis for learning other languages. But it certainly was difficult for me and my course colleagues. Development of web-programming was held a little easier.

– What advice would you give to those who have just entered or is about to be trained in these courses?

– The main thing – do not get hung up on the complexities. Do not be afraid to ask. Answers can be found on Google for any questions. And not just on Google. After all, there there are mentors whom you can ask. This is a big advantage, which gave me and other BrainBasket Foundation, which has provided an opportunity not just to take a course, but also to communicate with the professional in this field.

Remember that IT is not only a programmer profession. Yes, they must have the highest incomes, the demand in the labor market. But it is hard work that requires a high level of knowledge and skills. Be sure to read specialized forums, if you have time pass additional courses. On the same Coursera there are enough materials for the study of the scope of IT. Good courses. Also, learn English, it is must have.

– What was the most helpful in this program for you?

– First of all, at least partially, but you begin to understand the language which the developers speaks. Secondly, from the student in this course it depends on what knowledge he will receive during this training – deep or those that help elementary to understand how a computer works. Let it be not deep, not all-encompassing. But these courses will certainly help to understand elementary in this area.

And, of course, the motivation, which is certainly much more when you are engaged in a group, in a team. This is what still can’t be found in an individual online education. And when you once or twice per week should come to mentor and ask questions, when you see that the people who have started with you together, are already beginning to be obtained something, it disciplines and motivates. And still need to understand and remember: if you want to achieve something here, you need to pay attention to the lessons every day.

The Foundation does a terrific job. And I want that efforts of people who work there, to have tangible benefits and results. After all BrainBasket Foundation provides a unique opportunity to man. He takes place in the group. And then in the third or mid way roll that all out. As for me, this is very disappointing. First of all, for our teacher who puts his soul into the training. Sometimes one thinks, it is easy to get on the course – only need to submit an application, and there, they say, we’ll see. We usually value that we spend an effort or money on. I think some kind of the mechanism of determining whether a person is able to achieve results and not to stop on halfway, is still needed.

– In your opinion, what stops people from coming to IT? Although this topic is now popular, many somehow more cautious approach to it.

– I’ll say about myself. If while was working in a bank, I did not face with IT, I probably would not even think that I can go into this field of activity. Indeed, for person who is not related to IT, it all seems very complicated and confusing. Of course, this requires special knowledge. But highly important are the desire and motivation as well.

– How do you plan to implement the knowledge gained at the courses? Will you continue to educate in this field?

– Now, after I worked a little in the IT-company, I begin to discover new ways and possibilities for myself. I think to succeed you need a desire to learn and a clear understanding of what you want.

– What are your the future plans? Will you educate on any additional courses?

– Undoubtedly. Our company provides such opportunity. We have a very good training center.

– What advice would you give those who want to get re-orientated in IT?

– If a person is far from IT, it is possible to find someone from this area and talk with him. It is important to know what the IT is, as this sphere is arranged, where you can gain knowledge about it, what opportunities are there are. You can use the specialized forums. And try to determine the list – as who and in what company you want to work, to understand what skills you do not have enough to get interested position, to try to fill the gaps in own knowledge and do not give up after unsuccessful interviews. In fact, this way is easier than you think, the main thing to understand your goals and then everything will turn out.


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