Course for Kids

It doesn’t matter what kind of profession a person wants to master – IT helps you to become a better professional in the future world. IT industry is developing so fast that computer literacy and coding becomes as important as knowing how to read and write. Therefore, countries like USA, Finland and Great Britain start teaching IT from early school years. The Ministry of Education understands the need to change but it lacks expertise and funds to do it fast. Creating an alternative educational model can make a real positive change in IT education landscape and making it accessible by schoolchildren can help them develop analytical thinking and provide skills needed in fast-developing world.


Kids love to play computer, but it looks as though they could read but couldn’t write. Applying proper gamification mechanics can make studying both fun and useful. Teaching kids how to code in a proper way would help resolving 2 biggest educational challenges of education at schools – low motivation of studying and low level of understanding computer science.


BrainBasket Foundation expands national educational project Technology Nation, launching a free educational program for children aged 9-11.

Project peculiarities

Program is based on world-known courses that focus on teaching kids Scratch (visual programming language developed by MIT)

The classes are held after school classes or on weekends, course lasts for 3 months

Each group is guided by experienced and charismatic mentor who ensures that studying process is both useful and fun

Program is free of charge


It’s never to early to code – register your child for the program!


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