Technology Nation: NEC Group №141 in Kyiv

Technology Nation project, which was launched in March 2016, in addition to the interesting and well-known Harvard education program of the course Introduction to Computer Science (CS50), has another major component of the entire course. And this component – people who get new knowledge exchange program CS50. Each of them has their own reasons and motivation to join the project, their own vision of application knowledge they receive.

In every city where the program is already working and where it is just being prepared for deployment, are some stories and all of them, without exaggeration, deserve attention. But today it is necessary to tell group from Kyiv. And the reason is not the status of the city as the capital. This group taught grades 9-11 students and teachers of one of the city’s schools.

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Teaching and educational complex №141 «ORT” in Kyiv – is a facility with intensive study of information technology and foreign languages. Here is studying the basics of programming one of the 24 groups in the project Technology Nation. At the level of the other project participants throughout Ukraine pupils and teachers of the school are studying Harvard course CS50, doing the homework and substantively discussing lectures with the teacher in the classroom.

More recently, the school has updated both visually and internally, becoming a modern educational complex. For school students today are available for studying such advanced areas of specialization as web design, architectural and landscape design, information technology in economics and business, three-dimensional design, programming, robotics and microelectronics. These specializations allow students to get a real education in the most advanced technologies.

As a mentor for program Technology Nation in this group helps students and accompanying them in the development of programming deputy director of educational work NEC, teacher of informatics Serhii Dziuba. He enjoyed working with the students and pleased that so many children and teachers in the school are interested in technical professions.

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“Classes are held twice a week for half an hour each – that’s what is obligatory. There are challenges and some students cope better than others, so we can delay until ten o’clock”, – said Serhii.

“Now we have a group of 25 people, including three teachers from our school – he continues. – Other, much of – there’re students from 9 to 11 classes. In the course within Technology Nation, in our school taught C/C++, C#, Java, depending on the problems faced by students. Course within a Technology Nation program is in English and is volume, interesting, sometimes complex and offers a new form of education for students”.

The students of the school like to learn as well. Vlad and Artem, who are on ninth grade, and 11th grade student Lisa recognize that the lecture in the classroom are more interesting than the videos.

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“When we discuss every problem or task it becomes much clearer. In the video for us everything is quite superficial, and when we pars every moment in class, we focus better and more deeply understand the course material “- dividing pupils of the school.

At this moment the most difficult for participants was to find an error in the code. Another – to understand what is an “array” through watching videos. “Sometimes the video display points that will be explained below, so you have to remember what you’ve learned,” – says Lisa.

To the question “Why do you learn the basics of programming?”, students answer with confidence – for the future, for ourselves. “Even if we won’t work in this area, it will be useful,” – says Artem.

“And I just need to, because I plan to enter in this field in university,” – adds Lisa.

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In addition, students point at help of the mentor-teacher. “He helps a lot – to understand the material by asking leading questions. Not just telling myself how to do it, but leads us to the fact that we did and realized themes through the problem, “- added students.

Serhii Dziuba notes that students are following the program, helping each other and learning the program of one of the best universities in the world. “We go according to plan programs of Harvard course, at the end of which students will make the final project”, – he said.

In his turn, BrainBasket Foundation wishes the students successfully completing the course and use this knowledge in their work and projects that will help achieve their goals and set ourselves new!


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