Julia1-800x4801. Tell us about yourself: where you come from, what is your education, whom you have worked?

I come from Khartsyzsk, it’s a Donetsk region. Graduated from Donetsk National Technical University. Received a master’s degree on “Telecommunication systems and networks”.

It was hard to find a job firstly, so that is why I settled in DTEK as an Inspector of pass office. I have been working there for over 2 years, but later terrible events happened in 2014. Due to current situation on that period some departments were dismissed and my department as well. So I considered it as an impulse for my further development.

So I went to Dnepropetrovsk to find a new job, which had to be profitable as well as interesting.

2. How did you find out about Coding for Future program?

My friend told me, who was working as QA. She gave me a link and advised to register. 

3. Why did you decide to participate in it?

I decided to take part, because my theoretical knowledge wasn’t enough to be competitive on the labor market.

4. How useful was program for you?

It was pretty useful. I improved my theoretical knowledge and acquired new ones, and also I got an opportunity to put them into practice.

In addition to the main program there were several general sessions dedicated to test automation, SQL, Python and basic web-design principles.

5. What was the most difficult during your training and whether there were moments, when something did not work and you wanted to quit everything?

The most difficult task for me was using automation. It took a lot of time, to cope with the homework.

6. How did you cope with that?

Eventually it is always feels good, when you finally get results. This feeling helps me not to give up.

7. For how long you were looking for a job after completing the program and where are you working right now?

When I started training I was already passing an internship at the Branto. The end of my studies coincided with the end of the probationary period and I was taken on that job.

Now I understand, how unprepared I was, when probation started. And thanks to program I have got theoretical knowledge improved by practice.

8. How IT area is new for you, and how quickly you adapt?

IT wasn’t a totally new area for me. After all I was studying at the Faculty of Computer Information Technologies and Automation. A new profession has fully met my expectations. Now I do what I like, I’m constantly growing and don’t want to stop on that.

9. How do you see your further professional development?

My future plans is to learn automation testing. To achieve this, I want to learn at least one programming language.

10. What would you recommend for beginners who want to get in IT?

The main thing – do not give up! Believe in yourself and do not be afraid of competition. I wish you all good luck and many thanks to BrainBasket Foundation!