Portrait of Ukrainian IT-specialist (infographics)

Today, there are more than 77,000 active resumes IT professionals placed on the job search website hh.ua. Experts of Research Centre of the International HR portal HeadHunter Ukraine analyzed them and share their results.

Not more than 15% CV in professional areas of information technology, telecommunications, programming on the site hh.ua are the resumes of representatives of the fair half of mankind. All the rest are from men. At the same time women prefer positions at around technical areas. However, with every next year, women are increasingly paying attention to the industry. And it is clear, as rapidly developing IT profession is popular, prestigious and well paid. The bulk of IT-specialists are youth aged 22 to 35 years.


Over 60% of professionals have completed higher education. However, it should be noted that today, employers in employment of the candidate pay more attention to real knowledge and practical skills rather than diploma and the title of university. In addition, in the IT sector is common, that specialists had not finished university in this area, and have retrained at work, getting knowledge on the courses and during training programs.

IT professionals are those specialists who possess good knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. Every second vacancy for workers requires good knowledge of foreign languages. Interviews are also held often in English.


Among the most popular specialties are developers, 40% of CV. 20% are the testers, by 10% of resumes are from project managers and system administrators.


One third of the profession has the work experience from 3 to 5 years. The highest percentage of vacancies accounted for Kyiv. About 42% of all IT professionals operate in the capital.


On the question “Why you have chosen IT?” 30% answered that the main reason is the interest in the technology. 22% have chosen IT because of high salaries, 18% see in IT good career prospects. Other popular reasons are the prospect of moving abroad and to work on a flexible schedule.

Among the favorite activities at leisure of IT people are reading scientific and professional literature, computer games, travel, visiting cinema and exhibitions.


As for wages, the IT sector is one of the highest paid and IT professionals are those professionals who today can expect a decent pay. However, the salary “plug” is very broad. And can vary from 5-6 thousands UAH/month for a system administrator beginner in the region to 2-3 thousands USD/month for a project manager in a large Ukrainian or international companies.


And although due to the high prestige and popularity of professional IT field more professionals comes and competition among the representatives of the area is growing, find a good job in the field is not difficult. It all depends on real knowledge, practical skills and competencies of the candidate for the position. What they are higher, the easier it is to find a decent job.


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