Online-conference Soft Skills Day

soft_skillsWe invite you to take part at online conference Soft Skills Day on January 23.

You’ll have the opportunity to listen to eight hours of lectures in the comfort of your home or office.


  • Self-development plan: how to create and implement
  • How to develop 5 soft skills that are hunted by recruiters
  • The principle of efficient leadership
  • Efficient communications
  • Emotional health: how not to get burnt
  • How to develop personal efficiency
  • How to simplify English learning or 80000 words in 20 minutes

Internet browser and provider are not the issue. You’ll need good internet connection and entire attention. Не важливий браузер і провайдер. Потрібен просто хороший Інтернет і ваша всеціла увага. Just switch on your laptop and make some coffee! ;)

Don’t hesitate to apply here!


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