IT Research – Lviv IT in details!

Icons Specialist portrait 1Lviv IT Cluster joined efforts with the sociological agency Fama to realize the unique and large-scale research of Lviv’s IT market. One of the main benefits of the research is its accuracy and representivteness. The mission of the project was to analyze in detail the IT market of Lviv, its volume, geography, structure and potential. More than 400 IT professionals filled up the questioners providing the picture of what the everage Lviv’s boffin is like, what does he save the money for, how much money is he making and what is he fond of.

“We realized that there were no attempts to analyze Lviv’s IT marke
t before. The research is very timely as it provides an opportunity to asses risks the industry might face, its potential, possible venues for development and to understand the market structure. Accuracy is at the core of the research with the statistical error being below 5%. So anyone who looks at the report can deduct how Lviv IT works relying on the figures and assesments by experts with many years of experiance. I am convinced that no matter who reads it they will find it interesting to examine who is an IT specialist in Lviv, what makes him tick and how he upgrades himself. IT research gives a chance to see the industry from within. That is its distinctive feature” – says Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi.

Among other practical qualities of the project is that the experts were not only heads of IT companies with varying experience but also the professionals from adjacent areas of business.

According to the poll 90% of IT companies’ directors consider Lviv to be a favorable place to do business and 83,3% plan on investing in expanding their activities.

According to the results of IT Research outsourcing is the most popular business model. The sales markets of Lviv IT companies are in the USA (50%), Europe (35%), Canada, Ukraine, Israel and others. Visible and possible market problems are indicated in the report as well as its trends, dynamics that remain for the most part positive.   

IT Research painted a complete sociological picture of a Lviv IT professional. Currently more than 15000 IT specialists work in Lviv that constitute 15% of all the IT community in Ukraine. 77% of them are male and 23% are female.

IT Research contains interesting information about what Lviv IT people save the money for, what are their hobbies, where do they eat, where do they go to learn something new and even what pets do they prefer. Some data about an avarage Lviv IT professional from the research: salary – 1500$ (maximum of 4500$), avarage age 26 years. Also of interest is that every third IT specialist has never been abroad.

IT Research serves as a potent and analytical source of information about IT industry in Lviv. In it one can find all the necessary data about the IT market, its trends, geography, characteristics in the form of numbers, graphics, comments of the experts and chiefs of IT companies themselves.  

To look at the data and the complete report go to the webpage of Lviv IT Cluster.


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