Graduation of Coding for Future Group in Kharkiv

As part of the Coding For Future socio-educational project study group has completed a course on PHP Programming program. Education was held with the support of Vodafone Ukraine – the main project partner.

Education, which has been lasting for 3 months, included both the assimilation of theoretical material and practical tasks that prepared the group  to work in real-world projects and give an understanding of how the processes of IT-companies is look like.

During the education, the teacher with the project participants have conducted a hackathon, where based on the acquired knowledge, students created a framework and started to make its Web-application based on it, were writing own code, were developing an auto-tests and etc. The result was checked automatically, by the programs that are used in real life in the IT-companies to verify the data.

Thus the participants were able to feel, what systems and algorithms are used in the program development as they interact with each other and what is the structure of the program. Participants of the program have shared their impressions immediately after the hackathon.

Classes in the project were held in GlobalLogic company’s computer class, to which BrainBasket Foundation expresses gratitude.

Coding For Future is social educational project that aims to help people that suffered from the military conflict on east of Ukraine to adapt to new circumstances and to socialize quicker. Within the framework of Coding for Future participants study programming languages free of charge what will enable their emlpoyment in the leading IT-companies or freelance occupation.

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