Free video course “Intro to Data Science”

The specialists in Data Science are one of the most popular and highly paid in the world. In Ukraine, we also have such experts, but the number of them is still rather small. BrainBasket offers you a free introductory video course on the basics of DataScience.

We thank Ciklum and directly the Big Data & Analytics team, who developed it and acted as teachers.

The introductory course consists of 5 lessons:

  1. Overview of the Data Science functions. Required skills and methodology
  2. Preparing the data or on what Data Scientist spends 80% of time
  3. Introduction to Machine Learning
  4. Data visualizations
  5. Introduction to Big Data

What this course will give you:

– Basic knowledge and concepts,
– A vector for further examination of Data Science.

One of the course creators, Iurii Gavriliv, head of the Big Data and Analytics team at Ciklum, commented: “Ciklum tries to make a contribution to Data Science popularization in Ukraine. Last summer together with UCU and LITS we have launched an educational project, which is called DataminDS. Its goal is the development of Data Science community in Ukraine, providing the opportunity not only to learn the profession but also to maintain the professionalism thanks to the colleagues and the exchange of knowledge. With the support of DataminDS Ukrainian Data Science Club was organized”.

Full Intro to Data Science course can be passed in LITS.


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