Can one become IT-specialist being older than 30 years old?

In IT-sector there is no age limit, so it is never too late to try. Moreover, in recent years there is a clear trend of a “Switchers” – people who already in the middle age decide to change their professional path and start a career in IT. By the way, these people are coming from completely different professions and industries – from advertisers to bank employees. The main thing that one should have to start career in IT is a strong desire to significantly change his/her life.

How can I learn IT-profession?

Today in Ukraine there are quite a number of educational institutions that teach IT. Secondary Education: schools that specialize Informatics, Physics and Mathematics, colleges that teach IT. Higher Education: IT-departments in universities. Post-graduate education: training centers that prepare IT-specialists.

Work in IT is just boring data and computers, right?

If that’s the understanding of creating new technologies that make world easier and better – than “Yes”. The basis of the IT industry is the creation of code, but the work also involves regular meetings, team work, travel and other elements of the working process, as in any other company.

What are the basic knowledge/skills needed to start learning IT?

There are to essential disciplines in IT-industry – a good knowledge of mathematics/physics, since the work is built around algorithms, and English (upper-intermediate and higher level) since foreign companies are the main customers of IT services.

IT is not really woman’s industry, is not it?

Historically, IT industry had more men employed but today the situation is gradually changing. Moreover, the profession of quality assurance tester, which is one of the starting jobs for joining in the IT industry, employs more women than men. Thus, there are no gender preferences; it’s that just men generally are more technically-wise than women.

How stable and prospective is IT industry?

Information technology today is one of the largest sectors of Ukrainian economy, but its real growth is still to come. Over the past 10 years the industry grows by 25-30% annually and revenues that were generated by IT-industry in Ukraine in 2013 amounted to 2 billion USD. Technologies are rapidly developing and more and more things of our everyday life become “smart” and require software therefore IT industry will continue to grow both in Ukraine and in the world.

What is the easiest way to become IT-specialist?

If you study in school it is important to have good grades in Math and English since this knowledge will be needed for admission to IT-college or university.

If you study in university, but do not plan to build career in the chosen specialty, or if you are dissatisfied with your current work and would like change your professional life you should consider applying to specialized training centers that will help you master IT-profession. The most common are courses in software engineering (about 6 months) and software testing (about 3 months).

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What IT-professions are there except developers?

IT has not only “technical” professions, even though they are the core industry. Conventionally all IT-specialties can be divided into technical and non-technical. Technical specialties are directly related to the creation of information products: developers, testers, designers, system administrators. Non-technical specialties include project managers, business analysts, HR-managers, PR-managers, financiers, etc.

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How much do IT-specialists earn?

Today in IT-professionals are among the most highly paid ones. The average salary in Ukraine is around $ 350 and starting salary of a junior IT-specialist in large companies starts with $ 500. The average salary of IT-professional is $ 2,000. Thus it is not surprising that 34% of IT-guys own a car, and 42% have already purchased house/apartment. The average age of Ukrainian IT-specialist is 27 years.

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