Educational system in Ukraine



The public educational system is free and includes 11 years of obligatory schooling. The four year primary school for students aged six to ten years is followed by two levels of the secondary school.

There is a wide range of universities in Ukraine that provide both free of charge and fee-paying education. Ukraine has a long and proud history in terms of education. More specifically, , the country has a long tradition in the field of mathematics. Ukrainian universities provide students with strong fundamental knowledge as they teach to look at the problem widely and find solutions conceptually. At the same time, curricula are left behind the needs of IT-companies and industry in general. Teachers do not always have the practical experience and it also affects the quality of education. In addition, current financial motivation does not allow universities to attach practicing professors to teaching for a long time.

One more problem of Ukrainian education is that students often choose majors that are not in demand on the market. Thus, almost 45% of graduates have to master a new profession to get a decent job. IT is one of the industries that develops aggressively and requires a lot of new talents.  Therefore, university graduates are ready to go an extra mile and complete courses that will help them acquire skills and knowledge required to join IT industry. They are the ones whom BrainBasket offers new knowledge. Students who have already completed their studies and who have proved to be capable of acquiring knowledge.

Today, all major Ukrainian IT companies employ IT-specialists who originally were educated in highly specialized areas like rocket science and astrophysics.

By supporting BrainBasket, you take Ukraine to a new level of knowledge and help it use resources that traditional educational system provides correctly.



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