CS50 Puzzle Day 2017: Results and Winners

CS50 Puzzle Day 2017 Team announced the results and statistics of the event, which we gladly share with you, and also congratulate the winners who won in our contest!

A total of 7986 participants and teachers were registered for the event. 297 teams sent their solutions, of which 64 were from Ukraine!

The tasks of this year are available on the link.

For more information on the results, team statistics and video solutions, see here.

And we are ready to announce the results of our competition, which we organized together with the ITVDN service.

The largest number of puzzles, which were completed by the team from Ukraine – digaz-vshpfya – is 4. However, the team did not participate in the competition, so we played the first prize among the Ukrainian teams that decided to solve 3 puzzles and registered to participate in our contest.

Out of 16 teams, only 7 were registered in the competition. The random.org service selected the winning team. It is the Theorem team from Vinnitsa! 3 participants will have access to all ITVDN resource courses for 3 months (except for QA and PM courses).

Since the gift was intended for 5 participants, we decided to play the same access among the teams that had 2 members in their composition. Here the team of Nemovit-MK from the city of Sumy who won!

Next, we identified 23 teams from Ukraine, who solved correctly 2 puzzles. Only 6 of them were registered in our contest. Here the victory is celebrated by the Zuckerburger team from Kiev! Members of this team will have access to ITVDN courses for 1 month (again, except for QA and PM courses).

Winners will receive a promotional code in the next few days. Also we remind that all those who registered for the contest will receive free of charge any course from the ITVDN catalog (yes, except for QA and PM courses)!

We thank everyone who joined the event and our competition this year! In 2017, every 5 team that sent responses to the CS50 Puzzle Day was from Ukraine! Good result :)


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