Coding For Future: Serhii Ilchenko Story

Serhii_iLchenkoGraduate of Coding For Future program Serhii Ilchenko about the learning, the work and the vision of his career in IT.

– Tell us about yourself: where you come from, what is your education, whom you have worked?

City of Lugansk, college education, I have been working in various positions, mainly in IT. Was an engineer computer service, office administrator, scenario programmer, designer-artist. In Lugansk, there was very little work, I have been working wherever paid.

– How did you find out about Coding for Future program?

One of the friends sent me a link, I thought – why not?

– What motivated you to go on the course?

The lack of real professional experience in the field.

– What was the most interesting in the program?

Communication with professionals and dive in more or less real workflow.

– How useful was program for you?

Very useful! I finished the course of automated testing in LITS. Unfortunately, the circumstances were such that I have not become a tester, but this knowledge helped me a lot and gave an impetus to further development.

– What was the most difficult during your training and whether there were moments, when something did not work and you wanted to quit everything?

The most interesting was the communication with the teacher. We were taught by Taras Litvin, he always gave all the necessary information and was constantly answering all my technical questions, even when they went beyond testing. There was no negative point.

– How did you cope with that?

I coped well, there were 8-10 people in the group. Just me and another guy had an interest in learning and were doing all the tasks.

– For how long you were looking for a job after completing the program and where are you working right now?

– I found the job yet in the learning process, and now I work as a project manager of a small startup. Money is very small, but the project is very interesting.

– How IT area is new for you, and how quickly you adapt?

– IT is my native sphere, I’m working in it the whole life.

– How do you see your further professional development?

– I want to finish a startup and go to work as a project manager in a large company.

– In your opinion, what stops people from coming to IT?

– In my opinion, a person may be stopped only by laziness and problems related to health. It’s quite difficult industry, but also very open.

– What would you recommend for beginners who want to get in IT?

– To communicate more with employed experts in order to have an idea of the real state of the industry.


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