Coding for Future

New Wave of Social Educational Project Coding for Future for ATO Participants

May 2017 update: Applications for participation in the new wave of the project are closed. Check for updates on Fund’s website and social networks pages.

April 2017 update: new wave of Coding For Future project is launching in Mariupil, Mykolaiv, and Lutsk in April 2017. The students within the project will be ATO participants who want to switch and master a new profession of IT specialist. Students of the new wave will undergo a course in JavaScript. More details about the new project wave can be found here:

Coding for Future is a social educational project launched in order to assist people who suffered because of military actions in Eastern Ukraine to adapt to new life circumstances and socialize faster. Many of them lost their jobs, some were seriously injured and cannot fulfill their job duties anymore. Within the Coding for Future project its participants will study computer science free of charge which will allow them to apply to positions in the leading Ukrainian IT-companies or work as freelancers in ICT. First (pilot) wave of the project started in November 2014. Since then, 137 students in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro have completed education program within the project and one in three of them got jobs in IT. The participants were studying basics of QA, PHP and Swift in groups. A new wave of the project established for ATO participants will start in April 2017 and will teach programming in JavaScript. JavaScript is a relatively simple and easy to learn instrument for developing  simple client and server applications used in web-pages and web-documents. There is a shortage of JS-developers and as a result the demand for professionals who work with this programming language is permanently high. According to the survey, this language is the second most popular among Ukrainian developers with an average income in Ukraine from 400$/month (Junior Developer position) to 2600$/month (Senior Developer position).




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