Build Stuff’15 Ukraine

400x400_2BUILD STUFF is so-called because we like to think of ourselves as the conference for people who actually build stuff!

This year’s BUILD STUFF is coming to Kiev and we invite you to be a part of it
 on November, 23-24. It`s a great chance to get in on all that’s happening at in the world of software development.

This year, we’ve got more than 40 speakers on board including

  • Mel Conway – creator of Conway‘s law;
  • Michael Feathers, the author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code;
  • Ayende Rahien – RavenDB creator,
  • Venkat Subramaniam, Award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer
  • Randy Shoup-Consulting CTO (former eBay, Google),
  • Greg Young, CQRS author.

And this is just the start of the list!

Not just focused on developers, BUILD STUFF is for anyone in software development teams. That includes devs, team leads, agile/scrum coaches, engineering managers, executives, founders, and more.  

In addition to great guest speakers, expect a ton of engaging and up-to-the-moment workshops on a whole range of topics. like Software Architecture, Computing and Finance, Dealing with Big Data, Polyglot Storage,  Databases, WEB Systems, Microservices including all kind  of programming languages  such as Java, C#, F#, Scala, Erlang, JavaScript and even Haskell. Of course, there’s even more going on at BUILD STUFF, so much so that it wouldn’t be possible to list everything here!

Сheck our program!

Grab your friends and save by getting group tickets! 10% discount will apply for 5+ tickets. 20% discount applies for 10+ tickets.

And for BrainBasket portal visitors discount will make 15% upon “brainbasket” promocode!


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