BrainTV is a media project of BrainBasket Foundation. It is available on multimedia OTT service Divan.TV in 200 countries around the world. It is also available for viewing on the channel’s website (  In May 2016, the channel will go live on digital TV streaming services such as  Megogo, OLL.TV and FainoTV.

The channel has become the first Ukrainian television project that is going to be streamed online and through Smart TV platforms with “video on demand” feature. This approach will give free access to the educational content about IT anytime anywhere as well as will enhance the brand of Ukrainian IT market within the country and abroad.

BrainTV project aims to bring IT closer to people, to show the potential of the tech industry to the young generation, make them interested in new technologies and trends, motivate to learn programming, and gain new knowledge.

Using its original content, BrainTV strives to reveal the potential of modern technologies that can be applied in many industries and to bring added value to the products and services that Ukrainian economy is generating now.


According to the director of the BrainBasket Foundation, Vladimir Liulka, “This is a media project that will not only educate, but will develop and promote IT industry in Ukraine.”

“Ukraine is going through hard times, indeed. But maybe it’s finally enough to talk about it?.. BrainTV aims to reveal the potential of Ukrainians in IT, the potential of the Ukrainian IT market. By believing in our IT industry and ourselves, we’ll make the world believe in us too. So, watch BrainTV and join IT!”, – says Bozhena Sheremeta, executive director at BrainTV.


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