BrainBasket launches the first Ukrainian TV channel about IT – BrainTV

logo_whiteBrainTV will become the first Ukrainian television project that aims to give a free access to the educational content about IT and enhance the brand of the Ukrainian IT market within the country and abroad.

The content of the channel will include educational, informational and entertainment programs about IT in Ukrainian and English. Daytime airing will be filled with programs in Ukrainian while the evening and nighttime broadcasting will include more English-language programs to cover the audience abroad.

According to the director of the BrainBasket Foundation, Vladimir Liulka, the channel will be able to expand the information environment of those Ukrainians, who are interested in IT. “The Ukrainian IT market players need to have a place in media, where they can find like-minded people united by the same goals, where they can hang out, talk, complain, celebrate their successes and speak about them within the country and abroad. People who are interested in IT sector, but have a rather poor understanding of how it works and what potential the sector has, will be able to learn more about it via the channel. They will also be able to learn programming and get inspired by the examples of the Ukrainian IT businesses through BrainTV,” Liulka comments.

Multimedia OTT service Divan.TV is the main technological partner of the project. Through the Divan.TV platform, the channel will start broadcasting in a test mode
 in March 2016. By the end of summer 2016, it is planned to broadcast BrainTV programs on cable TV and the app of Divan.TV available on all devices, incl. Smart.TV and tablets. As Divan.TV OTT service is available all over the world, the channel will also be available to the viewers outside Ukraine.

“As an expert in the telecommunications market, Divan.TV sees demand in the educational content. Its main audience used to be students and their parents, but now such service as ‘education through TV’ is planned to feed the demand of the new market segment – IT audience,” comments the founder of Divan.TV, Andriy Kolodyuk. “I’m not afraid to say that the establishment of the specialized IT channel – BrainTV – will result in the growth of the entire IT market.”

Bozhena Sheremeta, the marketing specialist of the Ukrainian IT company Coppertino and the former tech journalist at the Ukrainian English-language newspaper KyivPost, has been appointed as the executive director of BrainTV. “With the emergence of BrainTV, Ukrainian tech companies finally get a promotional platform for video advertising, while Ukrainians receive the original educational and entertainment video content about IT 24/7,” says Sheremeta. Among the most interesting projects planned to be launched by the channel are the reality show about startups, the TV accelerator, the daily news agency and the broadcasting of the original educational content in the field of IT produced by the leading American universities.

With the support of the non-profit organization Nova Ukraine, which has been increasing awareness of Ukraine in the United States and other countries, it is planned to create video content about the Ukrainian IT entrepreneurs and professionals in the United States.

Among the other partners of the project are also Ciklum and Luxoft. «BrainTV – is one of the most affordable and effective channels for receiving knowledge about IT. Today’s youth lives online and the emergence of the TV channel online is a good idea to attract those who are interested in new technologies, who wants to keep up with interesting IT events and seeks self-development. This is a platform for sharing experiences and ideas. The IT industry has already acknowledged its status in Ukraine and it’s time to talk about it more and more confidently. I am convinced that BrainTV is the best solution for this,” says Marianna Konina, the PR director of Luxoft Ukraine.

“I think that television can become and excellent communication platform – both for the further integration of our industry and for providing the opportunities to “step into the future” to those people who are still far from IT today. They can  learn more about modern technologies and maybe even acquire a new profession over time,” says Marina Vyshegorodskikh, the Vice President of HR and organizational development at Ciklum.

The deputy head of the presidential administration Dmytro Shymkiv also expresses the support for the project on behalf of the presidential administration. “The need for the exchange of information and experience, getting interesting knowledge, tracking the latest trends – all these needs are present in all industries. IT needs a modern tool that is an online TV. Ukraine is one of the leaders of the modern innovative technologies, that is why an increased knowledge and the ability to keep up with modern trends – is a critical factor for keeping the leading position and continuing the development in all regions of the country and abroad,” says Shymkiv.


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