BrainBasket in 2017: Our Results and Achievements

This year was very productive for BrainBasket Foundation. We succeeded in implementing new projects and further development of current ones. We see our goal in helping people of Ukraine to orient in the world of technologies, learn new skills/ideas, use them to improve their lives and become the drivers of emerging “New Ukraine”.

We are happy to share our 2017 achievements.

1. Nation-wide infrastructure

We managed to build a network of 60 learning hubs in 36 cities across Ukraine. In order to do it, we have collected more than 615 used computers from IT companies and donated them to libraries.  

It allowed us to reequip their computer classes and turn them into learning hubs where free BrainBasket courses take place.


2. Opening doors to IT

The interest in IT sector grows, but not all people have equal opportunities to enter the sector — some live in distant areas, some lack money and some can’t attend offline classes.

In partnership with Harvard, MIT and CodeClub and the help of experienced developers and volunteers we have created free blended learning courses for switchers, women on maternity leave, kids aged 9-11, veterans and refugees.

With almost 100 mentors and 30 coordinators involved, we have made our Technology Nation program the biggest social educational project in Ukraine.

3. Promoting IT industry

Demonstrating advantages of joining IT industry and showing ways of mastering certain IT professions helps to raise awareness of the opportunities in IT among all Ukrainians.

BrainTV – first UA TV channel about tech became the voice of IT industry hitting more than 1,35 million views. In 2017, we have developed and released two free video courses: “Introduction to Data Science” in partnership with Ciklum (more than 8,000 views) and “Robotics” in partnership with ProLego (more than 10,000 views).

As well, BrainBasket has supported and co-hosted several big local and international initiatives (such as Hour of Code, CS50 Puzzle Day, Programmers Day and GoCamp).

Among other achievements for 2017, we have co-hosted Hour of Code project with Microsoft, and #Join_IT initiative with IT Ukraine, our course for kids was used by GoCamp initiative. Furthermore, Ukraine has taken the 4th place in Harvard CS50 Puzzle Day by the number of participants.

We express special gratitude to our mentors, coordinators, partners and all who supported and continues supporting the activities of the BrainBasket Foundation. We are building Technology Nation together!


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