BrainBasket, Astarta and Miratech launch IT-educational project in Poltava region

Astarta, BrainBasket Foundation, and Miratech Company launch a pilot educational project that will enable residents of the villages to obtain basic IT skills. The project will start in October 2017 in the Poltava region.

Adults and schoolchildren of the villages of Ozera, Liutovynivka, and Staroavramivka will be able to learn IT skills. Course for kids is based on the Scratch environment of programming and is designed for children aged 9 to 11 years. The course organizers hope that the program will allow children to develop analytical thinking, initiate interest in new technologies and in obtaining IT education in future. The educational program consists of 12 classes.

«We have a successful experience in providing IT education for children together with BrainBasket Foundation. And we will gladly try to scale the project to teaching adults in the rural areas. Fortunately, the regional network of Miratech covers almost all areas of Ukraine. I hope that the pilot project will be successful, and in the near future we will grow to a regional scale throughout the country», – said Nikolay Royenko, Miratech President.

The course for adults is developed for the people over 45 years old, designed to tackle everyday needs develop their basic IT skills. The course includes mastering the basic skills of computer literacy, Internet, e-mail, modern communication tools such as messengers and popular social networks. In addition, the program will also cover resources for self-development, so that course graduates would be able to learn and develop their skills and competencies in the future on their own. The course consists of 15 classes.

«The work of our company has been closely associated with the development of rural communities for long time. First of all, we focus on the development of modern education and medicine in the villages. We are very glad that we have such strong partners because computer literacy and IT skills are an integral part of any profession – these are global processes, and rural people shoould have even opportunities to master this knowledge», – said Viktor Ivanchyk, CEO of ASTARTA.

«Studying IT will help today’s children become more demanded professionals in the future, regardless of profession they will choose. We are inspired by the opportunity to help children and adults master the skills that are needed in the modern world», – commented Illia Onyschenko, BrainBasket Foundation’s Program Director.

Each group of students will study in a blended learning model, which includes individual work with online courseware and classroom practice with a mentor in. The classes will be held twice a week on weekends in special locations that will be equipped by BrainBasket Foundation and Miratech.

The project will take place in three villages of Poltava region and 60 pupils and 30-45 adults would be educated. In the future, the project will be extended to at least 10 locations.

ASTARTA is a public agro-industrial company operating in the field of sugar and agricultural production in Ukraine for almost 25 years. Since 2006, shares of Astarta Holding N.V. are traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. ASTARTA cultivates farmland in 8 regions of Ukraine and is a national leader in sugar production. The company implements a strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility, where support of rural communities in the areas of education, medicine, and improvement is one of the key priorities.

BrainBasket Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps Ukrainians to get educated in the field IT. BrainBasket was founded in 2014 with the vision of uniting the efforts of all IT industry players to facilitate training of 100 000 programmers by 2020.

Miratech provides outsourcing and other IT services to corporate clients around the world. Founded in 1989, Miratech is headquartered in New York and has operations in Stockholm and Washington, DC, Finland, Israel, Norway, Poland, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and Ukraine. Miratech serves its customers globally, covering 560 locations.


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