Blitz interview with mentor: Mykola Kozin

A little different issue of our series of blitz interview with project mentors Technology Nation. For those who are studying in a group, their motivation and IT-sector in Ukraine. Today, mentor of pilot group in Kyiv, with graduate of which we published an interview earlier, answered our questions.

Why did you decide to become a mentor of educational group?

Wanted to help BrainBasket Foundation somehow for long time. And suddenly I was asked to become a mentor for a pilot group.

Be associated with IT and work in this area – is one thing. And what is to teach IT others for you?

It means share own skills and inspire people to improve themselves.

How much the participants are interested in acquiring a new profession?

At the beginning 100% were interested. When obstacles start, the interest ceases a little. After all, it is easier to stay where you are and forget about all sorts of unpleasant moments (especially their self-esteem).

As whom do you see the graduates of your group?

As successful, positive People!

What stops people today on the path of the arrival in IT?

The low level of belief in themselves and at the same time syndrome of “Excellent pupil” (fear of appearing as a looser). Not a very high level of self-organisation\self-discipline. Lack of knowledge of English.

How important are today the initiatives in IT, such as BrainBasket Foundation initiatives? In your opinion, how much they are really beneficial?

In my view, such initiatives are very important! So we give each other a hope for a better future, we increase the trust for each other. It shows that we can not only count the money in our wallets, but can think more globally, constructively. This is new level of volunteering!

Your advice to those who want to be reorientated in IT.

Enjoy learning! Be persistent and disciplined! Do not be afraid of mistakes! Do not be afraid to look worse\sillier than others! Rely only on your progress!



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