Blitz interview with a mentor: Anton Petrunych

The next issue of our series of blitz interviews with mentors of Technology Nation project. About those who are studying in a group, own motivation and IT-sector in Ukraine. Today, mentor of Odessa Anton Petrunych answered our questions.

Why did you decide to become a mentor of educational group?

It is insulting when the knowledge that could be shared, become obsolete.

Be associated with IT and work in this area – is one thing. And what is to teach IT others for you?

The ability to share experiences, to “scratch” CDA saying “I helped a person to enter into the profession”.

As whom do you see the graduates of your group?

Students of other courses. So, just to learn more. :)

What stops people today on the path of the arrival in IT?

Number of efforts that you need to make to get an intern position.

How important are today the initiatives in IT, such as BrainBasket Foundation initiatives? In your opinion, how much they are really beneficial?

It is important, but not as an increase in the number of highly qualified personnel, but as increasing the overall literacy.

Your advice to those who want to be reorientated in IT.

  1. Do not attempt to reorientateТ if you are only interested in money.
  2. Weigh how much you are interested in IT subjects?  Are you ready to give the next six months to training 20 hours a week in addition to the main job?


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