7 questions to the mentor: Radion Dubrovka

rdIt is said that teaching someone is harder than to learn. Is it the same for for IT? We begin a series of short interviews with mentors of Technology Nation program. Today, mentor of group in Okhtyrka Radion Dubrovka answers our questions.

Why did you decide to become a mentor of educational group?

Because it’s nice to share the experience. IT and programming in the city are very poorly developed. Plus, I wanted to find like-minded people.

Be associated with IT and work in this area – is one thing. And what is to teach IT others for you?

To teach is harder, to answer questions to which you are not prepared. Finding an approach to the audience and the group. To make learning interesting.

How much the participants are interested in acquiring a new profession?

Average, not everyone understands why they are doing it. But those who know why, are motivated more.

As whom do you see the graduates of your group?

At the very least, people who will continue to study these courses and will practice. Freelancers in the first stage.

What stops people today on the path of the arrival in IT?

Learning English, lack of companies in the IT sector in our city (Okhtyrka), no demand for the profession in the region. After learning, people are returning to their towns, there are no jobs, they don’t get the experience, in the end – don’t work on a specialty.

How important are today the initiatives in IT, such as BrainBasket Foundation initiatives? In your opinion, how much they are really beneficial?

The benefits are, at least to bring the people to the IT-education, but more importantly a matter of perspective, if it is in BrainBasket Foundation – that people would understand what they go through the course, who they can take, even, for example, to a remote practice, on the first time, after which you can prepare for the move to the company’s office in another city. Or the possibility of working remotely.

Your advice to those who want to be reorientated in IT.

Take and do, choose what is interesting. IT is a diverse area. Again, the main thing that it needs to be interesting.


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