7 questions to the mentor: Dmytro Lebedev

We continue our series of blitz interviews with the mentors of Technology Nation project. About the group, own motivation and IT in Ukraine. Today, mentor of group in Zaporizhia Dmytro Lebedev answers our questions.

Why did you decide to become a mentor of educational group?

0. I have a desire to help others to get an idea about what programming is

1. It’s useful to remember the basics

2. Do the good and throw it into the water ©

Be associated with IT and work in this area – is one thing. And what is to teach IT others for you?

Work in IT means to think algorithmically. Educate others – learn yourself how to express own thoughts most accessible and clearly, even the most complex.

How much the participants are interested in acquiring a new profession?

The interest about getting a new profession is unequal in the group. Many participants initially declared goal, roughly speaking, learn to understand еру programmers☺There are participants who work with the team of developers, and a basic knowledge of programming can help to clearly set goals, or rather to check the result.

As whom do you see the graduates of your group?

First, everyone who comes to the end, will understand that the pressing magnifying glass icon in a phone book and find a friend’s number – this is much harder than it looks. Second, they general will be wondering themselves why the search icon is magnifying glass and not, for example, a compass.

What stops people today on the path of the arrival in IT?

The goal “I want to IT” is slightly incorrect by itself. It’s not the same thing as “I want a campaign on kayaks,” and then view the pictures with your friends from the campaign. First of all, you need to think logically – because the machines are not very creative and are able to understand straight only clearly formulated thoughts-tasks. If you have logical thinking, it is possible to ask the question of job search in the IT field. And here the choice is not limited to only the position of the programmer.  There are testers, working with the wishes of the client business analysts, data scientists, who need to understand the data.

If, however, be limited only by Harvard course CS50, then there is a question in practice. Watching the video this one, and forcing the machine to print “Hello, World!” is very different feeling.

How important are today the initiatives in IT, such as BrainBasket Foundation initiatives? In your opinion, how much they are really beneficial?

Very important. On the one hand, IT is developing dynamically, not tied to the success of one country, does not have borders and brings a lot to life. On the other hand, many are talking about IT, but trying ones. Courses also help to at least see if the person wants to work with the machine, and how it might look. And become a stepping stone to further search of the necessary knowledge, if the choice fell towards IT.

Your advice to those who want to be reorientated in IT.

Do not be afraid to try and be prepared for the fact that it is a very dynamic area of ​​new knowledge and trends which need to constantly monitor. And often follow in english☺



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